What's New

The Westland camper line has undergone many changes this year with the help of employees from the successful Okanagan and Snowbird, Snowriver MFG plants. By taking the best of ideas and putting them into one we feel we are on our way to taking over where the others have left off. We now offer three two tone color combinations so you can find the look thats right for you. Here are just a few of the changes we have made and is still ongoing. New laminated tapored roof system from 1 1/2 inch down the centre to 1 inch down the sides to help reduce any water pooling. Redesigned outer mouldings. Check out our lino, is all commercial grade. Night shades standard on all units. On our 90W and 95SL models we now offer a full fibreglass front cap as well as extra bunk cabinets and an aluminum bumper with folding two step.

Now available our 80W now has a slide option.

Our goal is not to build the most expensive camper but to build a light, strong unit that you will enjoy for years to come and tell your friends about. We welcome your suggestions.

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